ViewSonic PJD5553LWS 3300 lümen 1280x800 Projeksiyon Cihazı

20000 Kontrast Oranı Kısa Mesafe Projeksiyon

Proje Ürünü, teslimat bilgisi için satış departmanı ile irtibat kurunuz.


Short Throw for Large Sceens from Small Distances



The short throw lens enables large images to be projected from short distances in small rooms (100" screen from approximately 100cm from the wall). This means there are no distracting shadows on the projected image, and no blinding lights in the eyes of presenters.

Widescreen Brilliance

With high resolution widescreen images (WXGA 1280 x 800), this projector is perfect for movies, gaming, sports and wide-format presentations. Distortion-free from widescreen material it is also compatible with other common display resolutions.

HDMI for One-Cable Connectivity to HD Devices

The best and easiest way to connect to most modern HD devices is through an HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) cable. HDMI carries both video and sound thus limiting the requirement to attach an additional audio cable.

Bright Images for Any Environment

Packed with 3,000 lumens the PJD5553Lws is guaranteed to produce bright images in any environment – even in rooms with high ambient light. The high 20,000:1 contrast ratio also ensures that dark and bright areas are more black and white and less grey in appearance.

SuperColor™: Best in Class Color Accuracy

ViewSonic’s exclusive SuperColor™ Technology offers a wider colour range than conventional projectors for true-to-life color performance in any light. SuperColor™ 6-Segment Color Wheel maximizes brightness with the highest colour saturation over others in the same class.

SonicExpert™ Clear, Comfortable and Louder Sound

Following groundbreaking and exclusive speaker developments - transducer and chamber re-design - LightStream projectors deliver superior audio performance than competitor projectors. The compact yet powerful speakers sound stronger and enable sound to travel further, powerful enough to fill your meeting room with wall-to-wall sound.

Easy-of-Use Pre-Set Colour Modes

Providing 5 pre-set colour modes, users can choose the best one to suit their material: Brightest, Dynamic, Standard, ViewMatch or Movie.

144Hz 3D Compatible for Exciting Visual Effects

You'll have amazing 144Hz 3D capabilities at your disposal with this LightStream Projector. All that’s required to unlock this stunning 3D are optional ViewSonic 3D active shutter glasses (PGD-350) and a 3D source

Hide Unsightly Cables

An optional cable management hood connects onto the back of the projector to hide unsightly cable clutter and exposed ports.


Parlaklık Aralığı 2001-4000 ANSI lümen
Parlaklık 3000 ANSI lümen
Gerçek Çöz. 1280x800 Çözünürlük
Kontrast Aralığı 10000:1+
Teknoloji DLP
Marka ViewSonic
Projeksiyon Türü Kısa Mesafe  Projeksiyon
Görüntü Oranı 16:10
Maksimum Çöz. 1920x1200
Kontrast 20000:1
Lamba Ömrü 5000 saat
Eko Lamba Ömrü 10000 saat
Lamba Tipi 190W
Lamba Kodu RLC-095
Lens Oranı 0.49 lens oranı
Video Uyumluluğu PAL (B 60) 4.43MHz N 1080P) NTSC M(3.58MHz) 1080I HD 720p H ED 480p and 576p G SD 480i and 576i D SECAM (B. D. G. L. L1)
D-Sub 15 pin ( VGA ) 2 adet
Composite Video Var
S-Video Var
USB Tip A Var
Component Video ( RGB ) Var 
3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack Var 
DVI-D Var 
DVI-I Var 
5 x BNC Var 
Mini HDMI Var 
Displayport Var 
3D-Sync Var 
RCA (Sağ. Sol) Var 
Mikrofon Var 
RS232C Var
RJ45 ( Network ) Yok
M3 Remote Yok
USB Tip B Var
12V Trigger Yok
D-Sub 15 pin VGA (Çıkış) Var
Mini Jack 3.5mm (Out) Var
Fan Sesi 32 dB
Eko Fan Sesi 28 dB
Ekstra Özellikler 144Hz 3D Ready, 3D BSonicExpert HDMI SuperColor Kablo yönetim tasarımı 3D DynamicEco kısa Mesafeden Geniş Görüntü
Lens Shift Yok
Yatay Lens Shift Yok
Dikey Lens Shift Yok
Keystone Var 
Yatay Düzeltme 40
Dikey Düzeltme Yok
Kullanım Şekli Film veya Cam ile Arkadan Yansıtma Tavana Asarak Masaüstü
Boyutlar (WxHxD) 362x248x116mm
Ağırlık 2.5 kg
Tasarım Beyaz
Enerji Tüketimi 275W
Güç Kaynağı 100 ~ 240 V / 50 ~ 60 Hz
Kutu Aksesuarları Garanti Belgesi Güvenlik Kartı Uzaktan Kumanda Ve Piller VGA Bilgisayar Kablosu Kullanım Kılavuzu (CD) Güç Kablosu
Garanti 3 yıl
Teslimat Seçenekleri Aynı Gün Kargo
Ağırlık Aralığı 2-5 kg

Teknik Özellikler :

Özellik Değer
Marka : ViewSonic
Teknoloji : DLP
Parlaklık : 3300 ANSI lümen
Gerçek Çözünürlük : 1280x800


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