Optoma W334E 3700 ANSI lümen 1280x800 DLP Projeksiyon Cihazı

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Etiketler : 1280x800 , 3700 lümen



W334eBright projection

Bright projection

Project bright vibrant presentations effortlessly any time of day in HD. Designed for meeting rooms and classrooms, the W334e boasts amazing colour, long lamp life and energy-saving features to provide you with a low overall cost of ownership.

This projector is easy to connect to with multiple inputs, a built-in speaker and USB Power. Perfect for connecting HDMI dongles such as the Optoma HDCast Pro and the Google Chromecast or a laptop, PC or Blu-ray player for clear projected images with sound. Portable and lightweight projector can be installed or taken on the move for off-site meetings with the optional carry bag (sold separately).


Bright WXGA projector – 3700 ANSI lumens

Easy connectivity – HDMI, VGA, USB Power

Clear, powerful audio - 10W speaker

Lightweight and portable

Amazing colours

Amazing colours

Give powerful presentations and educational lessons with stunning colours. Optoma projectors provide reliable colour performance suitable for any content and environment. From accurate sRGB colours for lifelike images to vibrant punchy presentations. We have a display mode to specific meet your needs. Perfect for a range of graphic and video presentations.

Superior contrast

Add more depth to your image with a high contrast projector. Compared to competing technology, Optoma DLP projectors provide you with brighter whites and ultra-rich blacks, images come alive and text appears crisp and clear - ideal for business and education applications.

Superior contrast

Full 3D

Full 3D

Optoma projectors can display true 3D content from almost any 3D source, including 3D Blu-ray players, 3D broadcasting and the latest generation games consoles.

Integrated speaker

Integrated speaker

A powerful built-in speaker provides exceptional sound quality and an easy setup without the need for costly external speakers.



Eco+ technology brings together high contrast, improved lamp life and energy saving features that are easy to use while reducing power consumption.

Energy saving

Using the specially designed lamp modes, you can reduce the power consumption by up to 70%. Each mode also has a positive effect on the lamp life, while lowering the total cost of ownership and reducing maintenance.

Quick resume

This feature allows the projector to be instantly powered on again, if it is accidentally switched off.

Eco AV mute

Stay in control of your presentation with Eco AV mute. Direct your audience's attention away from the screen by blanking the image when no longer needed. This also reduces the power consumption by up to 70%, further prolonging the life of your lamp.

Direct power on

The projector will start up instantly when power is supplied to the unit. This eliminates the need to manually turn on the projector via the remote control or the keypad, ideal for use in rooms with a “master” power switch.

Direct power off

Power off your projector immediately or directly at the mains. This means you don’t have to wait for the projector to cool down before turning it off.

Auto power off

Auto power off

There may be instances when the projector is left running when not in use. To help save energy, the "auto power off" feature automatically turns off the projector after a set period of time if it is not being used

24/7 operation

24/7 operation

Optoma projectors have been designed to operate 24 hours a day in standard orientation. Perfect for applications where prolonged periods of use is required. Subject to 24 hour terms and conditions.

24/7 Operation - standard lamp warranty applies. Projector warranty is based on standard business usage hours. For optimum performance Optoma recommends that your projector is turned off or placed in standby mode for 30 minutes every 24 hours to prolonging the life of your lamp.

Teknik Özellikler :

Özellik Değer
Marka : Optoma
Teknoloji : 3D DLP Projeksiyon
Projeksiyon Türü : HD Ready Projeksiyon
Parlaklık : 3700 ANSI lümen
3D Özellik : Full 3D
Kablosuz Kullanım (WiFi) : Opsiyonel
Gerçek Çözünürlük : 1280x800
Maksimum Çözünürlük : 1920x1200
Kontrast : 20000:1
Lamba Ömrü : 10.000 Saat
Eko Lamba Ömrü : 15.000 Saat
Bağlantı Özelliği : Bağlantı Terminalleri
HDMI : 1 x HDMI 1.4a 3D destek
VGA : Var
Composite Video : Var
USB A Power : 1 x USB-A power 1A
3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack : Var
Kontrol Portları : Bağlantı Terminalleri
RS232C : Var
Çıkış Birimleri : Bağlantı Terminalleri
Stereo Mini Jack 3.5mm : Var
Fan Sesi : 27dB
Keystone Correction : Var
Yatay Düzeltme : Yok
Dikey Düzeltme : Var
Kullanım Şekli : Masa Üstü ve tavana Asarak
Hoparlör : 10 W
Tasarım : Siyah
Enerji Tüketimi : 225 W
Boyutlar (WxHxD) : 316 x 244 x 108 mm
Ağırlık : 3 kg
Garanti : 2 Yıl Garanti

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